Friday, 13 January 2012


hey everyone brad here.
have you ever been put under a stereotype and people assume you something your not?
well welcome to my world now as im quite tall and well built peoples first impressions of me are not always correct. people usually put me under the stereotype of mean,hard and don't mess with him but really im just your average guy trying to live his life. if people took the time to get to know me then maybe they would see the real side to me, im actually a big softy really. all I ever wanted is to get accepted for who i really am. but after being put under the certain stereotype then you begin to believe it yourself, I did and the reputation i hold is now not so good and doesn't really help me get recognised for who I am really, so thats were my nick name comes from "the tank" cos of a stereotype.
so my plan of action now is to try and stop this stereotype from ruining my life, i need to change how people see me and get the right reputation.

If any of you have ever had a certain stereotype pinned on you just a little advice font believe what people say about you because only you know who you really are and people need to know the real you.
thanks for reading :)
 if people have any questions or have similar issues like mine then post in and ill post back.  

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